Let me be clear...if feelings of anxiety are holding you back from being the person that you want to be...

You do not need to feel like this....I can help

Let me repeat that.

Let it sink in.

NO ONE needs to feel like this.

Anxiety, can be a pain like no other.  Untreated (or treated incorrectly) it can eventually cripple its holder, debilitating and crushing its host, from the inside out. 


Anxiety costs.  It can prevent kids going to school every day, and young adults from attending their lectures at university.  It stops adults working. It can prevent progression and halts happiness and joy. It creates barriers between friends and peers. It can push everything else away, until eventually your entire existence is filled with anxiety. It can attack at any age and it doesn't discriminate against gender, sexual orientation, race or colour. 

I work with people who struggle and suffer with anxiety and who want to “feel normal” again, by showing them how to overcome their feelings of anxiety, without them having to commit to a lifelong sentence of counselling or therapy.

What separates me from therapists and other coaches is that I help you get to the root of your issue, without making you relive past trauma or opening up old wounds.  Because of this you will feel stronger quicker, happier and free from anxiety, within 6 months or less. This works even where other therapies you tried haven't.   

If you want to stop feelings of anxiety in your life, I can help.  Please reach out for a free phone consultation where we can discuss the following:

  1. What you have tried in the past to fix this problem. What helped and what didn’t.

  2. What your ultimate goal is. What would you do with your life if you no longer had feelings of anxiety clouding it.

  3. The steps that we will take together to help you achieve your goal. 

  4. How coaching works (frames for coaching).

  5. The number of sessions I foresee you needing to get from A to B and how often we meet.

  6. My rates.

It's as simple as that.