A safe space where you are free to explore any topic; there are no taboos.

Forward thinking and outcome focused

100% non judgemental.

100% confidential; anything that you share with me remains in strict confidence.

Results focused. The purpose of coaching is to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Two way commitment.

My commitment to you is to help you access your resources to achieve the things that you want to achieve in life and from this relationship.

Your commitment to me is to show up on time, pay on time and not to book an appointment that you can't keep.

YOU are 100% responsible for your results.

Your commitment is to your own outcomes, self responsibility and self empowerment.

You commit to apply the leanings and insights into your own life.

Coaching is not analysis; we may at times use the past as a resource but we are not analysing the past with the outcome of knowing "why". The focus is on the present and the future and "what" you can do about it and "how" you can change and create your outcome.

Coaching is also not counselling, therapy or mentoring. 

You may be challenged at times. I will always come with your higher intention.

You are expected to embrace challenges to achieving your outcomes.

If you don't like a line of questioning, please tell me.  It is your responsibility to let me know. 

There are 2 types of change. Within and without. When working together you make changes within. Very often the outer changes happen automatically almost magically but you are responsible for taking action and implementing the changes in your life. 

Very often lack of commitment is lack of clarity. A lack of knowing "how". It is your responsibility to explore with an open non judgemental mind any resistances and lack of commitment and to be honest and fair and non judgemental to yourself. 

Every behaviour has a higher positive intention.

It is your responsibility to get the best out of me and the process; the more you demand of me the better your results will be.

The only person who can make it not happen, is you.