Millie, 19

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. Since the age of 16 I’ve tried various forms of treatment from medication to counselling with very little success. I’ve been seeing Emily since the beginning of the year and the impact her coaching has had on me is truly life changing. Within the first few sessions I was able to notice such an amazing difference in myself and the way that I approach life. Since seeing Emily I haven’t had a panic attack and now feel like I’ve been given the tools I need to understand and manage my anxiety. This understanding has allowed me to recognise my strength and in turn allowed me to be a lot kinder to myself. Prior to seeing Emily I had very few positive things to say about myself. I can now say that I truly love the person I am becoming and I don’t think that would have been possible without Emily’s encouragement. Every session I have attended is planned specifically to suit my issues and help me achieve my goals. I always walk out of the sessions feeling positive and well-equipped as I feel like every session is designed for me as an individual. I feel very lucky to have found Emily and would recommend her services to anyone that is struggling. She is one of the most sincere, understanding and caring people you will ever meet. I have no doubt that anyone that goes to Emily, regardless of their issues, will leave feeling more positive and a step further on their journey to recovery.

Kate, 49

The thought of visiting a life coach is a little daunting but Emily is so approachable, kind and understanding that I felt very much at ease on our first session.  I'd just come through a divorce and was also trying to get a business off the ground as well as hold down a part time job and be a great mum all at the same time.   I was in quite a mess to be honest, very much struggling with low self esteem and really questioning whether I had it in me to be a successful business woman.  Emily was very intuitive and actually had me in tears on two occasions in our first session, in a good way though I can assure you as I had a lot of suppressed emotion which really did need to surface.  Just on our first session Emily gave me a couple of fabulous meditative strategies to help me cope when I am feeling overwhelmed which I still love using today.  If you want help to turn your life around and help you navigate through a difficult time then I really can't recommend Emily highly enough.     

Liz, 45

Emily has been fantastic in helping me understand my feelings and work on making positive changes to my life. She is kind and thoughtful and has a genuine desire to improve her clients lives. No challenge is too great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Linette, 51

From our first meeting, I found Emily to be super enthusiastic and very passionate about what she does. 


She helped me on my journey, to begin to identify what it is that I actually want to achieve in my life.  We touched on my interests and strengths, and worked on ways of incorporating these into possible career ventures. 


We also worked on a deeper level, practicing self love and visualization skills. 


During my short time with Emily, she has shown me just how powerful life coaching can be. 

Heidi, 46

I can’t recommend Emily from Victress Coaching enough.  After trying traditional means to help our teenage daughter manage anxiety and depression through counselling and medical help, after just 4 sessions I have seen a massive improvement in my daughters confidence and her desire to look forward and manage strategies to help her cope with situations she would usually find overwhelming.  We have celebrated many mini victories in just a few weeks and feel so positive about the future.